Not able to check user stories progress

So I’m doing the survey form project and I can’t see where to click and check when I’ve passed tests

Just go here: copy the script and paste it in your code

@GoodNGo You haven’t imported the test suite yet. Here:

<script src=""></script>

Add it in the HTML tab. This thing will pop up;

Click it. And you will see these:

Click the downward arrow \/ . And find the project that you are doing. Then click the “Run task” button.

Hope This Help

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@GoodNGo, in each of the instructions there is a link to a pen that you can fork. The fork button will be in the bottom right.
When you fork the sample project FCC’s test script will be in the HTML editor. You can start typing your HTML code to meet the user stories right underneath.

If you’ve accidently deleted it copy / paste the following;
<script src=""></script>

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