Not able to connect to my FTP server via terminal!

i try to connect to my server via termnial FTP but it said this:
02 PM

Have you tried reinstalling it? If that one isn’t working there are other ones you could download instead. VSFTPD is one for Ubuntu if you’re on that distro.

I’m doing on a mac how you do that new to that…

What OS are you running? Also, the greater context of the error message would be helpful as well.

i just try to connect to my ftp and it said the previews screeshot 02 PM

Unfortunately, it’s been removed from the OS you’ll need to install some third-party software.

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Now makes sense…thank you so much… i aprreciate that effort to find the answer… iamKnox… you are really helpfull… thank you so much… for all your helppp!!!..

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Absolutely, sorry it ended up not working out!

No worries… i will try to do a ssh then =) glad for taking your time i appreciate the effort. =)

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There’s sftp on the command line.
or use various free GUI FTP clients. (Filezilla, Cyberduck, etc)

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thank you so much all i wanted to do its to connect from the terminal and create folders and files in the server using my terminal that was all…

Have you considering switching your server to use SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) - it’s not an ideal solution for people familiar with FTP - but if doing things by command line is important to you it’s an option.

If you are extremely motivated and up for a challenge you could write your own FTP Client although that option isn’t for everyone.

Good luck with whichever option you choose to proceed with :slight_smile:

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Hello there!! yes I’m actually doing that option option on changing to SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol). Now with the new version of mac OS… they do not support that option now… so i have try that solution… and i think like you said it works well… =) Thank you so much… for your support and contribution =)

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