Not able to continue my challenges

I finished all the responsive web design challenges. tried to get certificate and it says not passed.
i had submitted all the challenges and moved on to the java section without trying to claim the certificate. When i came back to continue, i realised i was taken back to the technical documentation challenge. corrected and submited. now, i can not run tests on the java challenges. What could have gone wrong please
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// This just a test
/* This is just a test*/

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User Agent is: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:85.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/85.0.

Challenge: Comment Your JavaScript Code

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Try refreshing your page.

If this didn’t work try changing your browser because the code that you have written is correct.

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And disable any extensions in your browser

JavaScript and Java are two different languages

what happens when you press run the tests?

i downloaded another browser and everything is ok now. Just haven’t tried to claim the certificate. The firefox browser was not saving my progress. using chrome now

Thank you.
i have a problem claiming the certificate. It says not passed.

Here I kept some of the settings to public to claim the certificate I also faced the same problem but soon I realized and changed

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And also allow all the cookies from freecodecamp to save the progress

thank you i will try

what’s your code? have you fixed the issue with the spaces?

@nikhilreddy.manda please before suggesting changing browser and such, make sure the code is correct. If the code is not correct suggesting to change browser only creates confusion

@ieahleen The code that @UzaifaJamina Shown is correct I even tested it

sorry, you are right

@UzaifaJamina for the certificate, you can claim it in the settings, make also sure you have your Name set, abd your profile and timeline set to public

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Thank you. i was trying to claim it from the curriculum. i finally got it and added it to Linkedin. I aslo reapplied for upword and have finally been accepted. I have been trying for over two years now. I am so excited. Didn’t add the certificate to upwork though.
Thank you! Thank you.

your projects are linked in your certificate so make sure to make them as best as possible! (you can use the #project-feedback section of the forum to ask for feedback on the projects)

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I was using the wrong place to claim certificate. After succeeding i realized that for the survey project, i had submited a wrong project and it was still accepted. I have corrected that

Thank you. I did it and it worked. I finally got the chance to showcase my skills at upwork.