Not able to get a Job as a Front End Developer Due to stammering

I am Bhavsagar from India.
I am looking for a job as Front-End Developer. I am a self taught web developer. I learned through YouTube, Udemy, FreeCodeCamp and LinkedIn Learning. I have stammering problem and the HR’s are not interested in entertaining me as soon as they realise I stutter while speaking.

They hang-up on me every time.

I am looking for help out here. If anyone can help me or recommenced please. I need a job I am ready to work remotely in any timezone.

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Hello Bhavsagar,

nice to have you here!

So is your stammering problem caused by some physiological issue or due some psychological issues like getting nervous? I don’t know anything about the indian health care services, so maybe you can find some help there to solve this issue, if you want to?

Regarding the job search, (spoken) communication is reallly important in this field, so I also understand recruiters who are afraid of this.

Do you have a portfolio to proof your skills to potential employers?

Lol i had a stammer for 23 years. Parents thought I’d grow out of it. I didn’t. College friends found it very funny.

Got a job in sales because I was desperate for money.

My stammer went away when my survival depended on it.

Learn what words you can’t say, letter combinations that trip you up and learn to talk around those. I still can’t say certain things but my current work Mates have no idea that I have a stammer.

I can’t imagine you’ve spoken to many HR people as I’ve not been laughed at or dismissed based on my stammer that still creeps up, in a professional settings It usually gets ignored here or there because I speak with conviction otherwise - clients, prospects just ignore it.

A stammer is not an excuse for not getting a job.


That is terrible. Just makes me mad reading this. All this talk about “people first”, “seeing value” and those companies will show their true colors.
This is simply not the way to act period.

Wish you the best and hope you find a great team.

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Have you looked into speech therapy? They can often help. Best of luck to you.

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