Not able to import npm boilerplate from Github for the express module

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I am Not able to import npm boilerplate from Github for the express module. I would to move on to the next step but i cannot even move forward. I dont to be stuck on an issue that has nothing to do with the topic. Please advise

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solution: JadedLoudArrays - Replit

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Challenge: How to Use package.json, the Core of Any Node.js Project or npm Package

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Why is this not working?

I am a bit confused. You reference the boilerplate for npm challenges but your link above shows the boilerplate for the express challenges. To get the link above, did you start here. If so, then I would just try again. The link works fine for me and does not show the error message “This repository could not be found”. I have noticed in the past that sometimes you have to wait a few seconds until everything loads in before clicking the “Import from GitHub” button.

Correct, I have an issue importing from the Github repo and when I did it locally and in codespaces and used the link it kep on saying that it needed to have the author and name which I did. I tried the replit starter but I get this;

Not able to replicate.

Did you try this?

I just did and it does not work still

Any idea @RandellDawson , I would really love to continue but cant unfortunately.

When watching this, it should be this flawless but its not

@jtorr14 I have tried testing different things to attempt to recreate the error and spent a bit of time researching what would cause that error. Unfortunately, I am stumped. The only thing I can imagine is some kind of lack of permissions (authorization) between and GitHub. Maybe you accidentally did not authorize to pull from GitHub at some point?

EDIT: Try completely logging out of repl and GitHub and then see if you get an authorization prompt once you re-login to either when trying to click on the link again.

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That worked, I disconnected the connection of Github in replit and then reconnected it and it worked!!! thank you so much.