Not able to login into freecodecamp


I need some help. I am not able to sign in to my freecodecamp account. I clicked on a link to connect my account to GitHub account, but that was a different github account. That account was linked to my husband’s freecodecamp account.

Now I am not able to login using my username and password. I tried to reset the password. Though it sent me a reset link to my email but it is not allowing me to reset.

I am afraid if my account is merged with my husband’s account (so my account does not exist anymore !!!). I am worried. How can I contact freecodecamp!!!

How can I contact freecodecamp!!!

They’re listening, always :alien:

Anyway, if you put a @ in front of someone nickname the post will be notified to her/him ^^ ( like @RandellDawson, or @ArielLeslie, or other forum mod that could contact FCC directly)
By the way now you have linked two different FCC accounts with the same github account right?
I found this post but i don’t think it could be helpful :confused:
Good luck!

Your husband should be able to go into his GitHub account and remove the Free Code Camp authorization that you used.

Regardless of whether or not a GitHub account is linked, you should still be able to login with your email and to reset your password.

Forum moderators don’t have access to FCC accounts. For that you need to email

If the password reset isn’t working, that sounds like a bug though. Please create a detailed GitHub Issue describing what happens when you attempt to reset your password.

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