Not able to remember previously taught concepts at all, very frustrating!

For others it may be versy easy one but for me this is a very complex problem!!!

I don’t know how people are even managing to remember previously taught concepts use in this exercise!

How can I improve myself to remember all that?

Problem Link:

It gets very frustrating to be honest!

The thing is we humans often read a text but, often don’t understand it.
What worked for me was taking it slowly and try to write a short version the excersise in my own words. As if i where writting it for a 5 year old child to understand.
Also a bit of meditating to clear my mind before doing the lesson.

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Guess i need to make notes for every step taught earlier, that should help.

here for example it would help to google “how to change an object property”, “how to add to an array”, “how to delete an object property”

google will give you the answers, you don’t need to always remember how to do all this stuff

it is totally normal for developers to google stuff like this
to google how a method work (you could remember the method you want to use but not what it returns , or what arguments it expects…)
how to do a specific thing
what’s the correct syntax for something


Something that really helps me is to have a voice recording app going and I read it out loud as if I’m preparing the information for someone else. It gives you the benefit of being able to listen to it again if you want but you are also much more likely to retain information when you engage more of your senses.

@bloodnaousky the geniuses who can read once and then completely understand and always remember are only in movies, like the Matrix.
Every other programmer who seems to understand it well have gone through numerous practice tests to solidify their learning.
In some cases you’ll finally understand after researching and exploring loads examples on Google. But in other cases, you just need to move on until the end and then come back to the beginning, maybe the idea from lesson 19 is what you really needed to master lesson 2 :sweat_smile:

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I actually did this one a couple days ago and felt exactly the same. It is quite frustrating!
One thing that I found to help is when I finally manage to get the problem right I try to break it again and fix it again - that way a bit more sticks for the next time.
I also like to find some kind of youtube video on the subject of the problem and even when it doesn’t give me the answer it often lets me understand whats going on a bit better.
Hope it helps : )

I found it helpful to create flashcards (I use Anki) along the way and review them often. That being said with practice you will remember those things anyway, it is only a matter of time and repetition.

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Alright guys thank you so much for being so positive and boosting moral. No doubt FreeCodeCamp community is so helpful.

On the issue am doing this with flash cards now.