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Hey, I just started the freecodecamp and I finished my html and css course and now I have submit five projects to claim my certificate, I have completed the first two projects and submitted it but if I close the freecodecamp and open it again next time, it shows that my 2 projects are not submitted.

can you try again? make sure you use the “submit and go to next challenge” button

Also, if you want to improve, I suggest you to post your projects in the #project-feedback subforum here

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I have a doubt, i think my project is not being accepted because i submitting the project file from my pc storage for example: file//c:/abc/xyz/project.html.
Is this is way i have to submit the file or there is another way?

Ah, yes, you need to submit an url that is publicly available. You should have gotten an error message just below the input that tells you you need to submit an url to a live app

You may want to try to learn to use GitHub Pages

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But how do i put my website publicly? For that i’ll have to buy some one year or 2 years plans, right? or is there any way that i can set my project link to public for free?


GitHub pages is free to use.

If you don’t feel comfortable with that option, you can copy and paste your code into codepen and submit that.

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It seems like you are Indian
You can watch this tutorial in hindi

I hope it helps

Thank you so much for your help and co-operation!!!

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