Not being able to solve the first exercise of npm, author keys & github pages?

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I am not sure what I am still facing an error, I changed the author sequence and the link to the git pages should be the correct one. How can I come around this, is there something strange with githup pages?
what I get:
// running tests


should have a valid “author” key // tests completed // console output [Error:

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solution: Managing Packages With npm | boilerplate-npm

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Managing Packages with NPM - How to Use package.json, the Core of Any Node.js Project or npm Package

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You can’t use GitHub pages they are only for static sites. You need a Node.js server.

Use Gitpod, Replit, or Glitch.

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Thank you, I will. I was even going to try to host it in Vercel but perhaps it would have failed there as well.

The problem was I hosted the cloned git in github pages and I encountered an issue.