Not finishing projects

Hello guys. I really have a bad habit of starting a project and not finishing them. I usually get bored or sometimes when things gets hard i give up or just procrastinate. How do you handle this kind of habit?

Hi @Itsmehhhtheo !

I think it is really important to ask yourself why you want to learn how to code and build projects.

If you can identify your Why then it will become easier to push through the setbacks and hard times.

For example,
Why do adults go to work?

Well if they don’t then they can’t afford food, water or shelter.
So that is a pretty big motivation to want to get up in the morning and go to work even if you don’t want to.

Are you learning how to code for fun?
Looking to change careers?

Focus on the WHY and it will help you push past procrastination. :grinning:

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I still do this. I think I’ve only 100% “finished” a handful of projects. Most of the projects I start I don’t finish.

I “handle” this by not handling it, rather I just keep it in mind when starting a project. Knowing the goal isn’t to “finish” it, rather its to get something out of the process of doing it. Usually I do projects to learn something, rather than say build it and make money doing it or something.

This isn’t to say some are in “finished” states, but the idea that what you build is 100% done and can’t be improved essentially doesn’t exist. There is always something to improve, add, update, upgrade. In that sense its very easy to end up with every project not being finished and feeling bad about it. However, if you already got what you wanted out of the project, then just move on and take your experience :slight_smile: