Not getting credit for completing courses in Relational Database Certification

Problem: Within the Relational Database Certification I have not received credit for the 2 courses called “Learn SQL by Building a Student Database” (parts 1 and 2) even though I completed them and received the Congratulations message. By not receiving credit I mean the empty circle at the lower right for each course remains white, rather than black with a white check mark like some f the preceding courses within this certification.
Further information:
I completed “Learn Bash by Building a Boilerplate”, “Learn Relational Databases by Building a Mario Database” and “Learn Bash Scripting by Building Five Programs” all of which I DID get credit as noted by a check box in the circle to the lower right.

I have not yet received credit for the Celestial Bodies Database which might be expected because the code I turned in needs to be checked. However I did get credit for the “Building Five Programs” which is after that but not for the 2 student databases.

Any ideas?

The relational database courses have always been buggy I believe.

I have reloaded the courses and resubmitted them by clicking on continue. Previously I had used control return on my Mac (which is indicated as an option to do instead of clicking) but I don’t think that option records that the course was complete. Or perhaps there was a glitch and I just needed to redo it. Either way, my courses are recorded now.

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