Not getting this

I dont understand where the 7 comes from so I am having a real fun time with this one. Can someone explain this in clear english?

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// Setup
var processed = 0;

function processArg(num) {
return (num + 3) / 5;

// Only change code below this line

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Challenge: Assignment with a Returned Value

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Hi @clearwater1377!

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We have a function called processArg that takes in an argument of num
function processArg(num)

The only thing this function does is the following code:
return (num + 3) / 5;

If we want to test this function we need to call it and use an actual number.

If you remember in this lesson this is how you call a function

Example using the number 1

So when the function is called it will execute this piece of code and return the value.

return (1 + 3) / 5; 

Call the function using 7 instead of 1 and assign that function call to the variable.

FCC instructions
assign its return value to the variable processed .

You solution should be one line of code.

Hope that helps!

I should have pulled out my calculator sooner (BEDMAS) lol. I feel kinda dumb now but maybe ive been looking at this screen for to long and need a break.
Thanks for the prompt reply!

No worries.

You’re good :grinning: