Not-Only-Local Weather Viewer. What do you think?

Hi everyone! Have finished my weather page and want to hear your feedback.


1. Automatically shows user location (city + country), current date and time, temperature, weather condition and its details, weather icon.
2. Temperature metric changes on click.
3. Google Maps API shows user location on map.
4. Background changes accordingly to weather.
Note: Open Weather API has rather ambiguous description so I couldn’t find all weather[0].main variants for weather conditions. Therefore sometimes background won’t change, though it still has 9 options. All gradients are taken from
5. User can fill out form and check weather in any other city if it’s supported by weather API. Map changes accordingly.

CodePen had some problems displaying page properly that I didn’t know how to solve, so for this project I’ve used free hosting.

So far it’s my the most script heavy project. Maybe I even overkilled it a bit. ^^ I hope you’ll like it!

Nice touches! I think adding these little features is the best way to learn. I’ve always found ipinfo to be inaccurate, though, and this is showing that I’m located about 30 miles away from my current position. The native geolocation service doesn’t work in Chrome over HTTP, but I think it would still be an improvement if you used that first and had ipinfo as a fallback. Well done, regardless!

I’ve used ipinfo mostly because geolocation doesn’t work in Chrome >_> Also I’ve changed general algorithm to work with pair “city/country”, not coordinates. But I do agree that having more options is better and it’d be more accurate. Furthermore ipinfo has limit on daily connections and I find it a bit restrictive. So, maybe I’ll change it.

Thank you for feedback!^^