Not recognizing red color change

Lmao do you think I’ll ever insert a code without having a opening tag ahead of my texts ???:unamused:

You literally provided malformed code.

This code was written by you. Please do not attempt to provide solution code, and please try not to provide wrong syntax.

Isn’t correct syntax. If you’re not aware what syntax is syntax is either the code structure or the specifics of a group of characters in coding.

For example writingThingsLikeThis using capital letters to avoid spaces in a tag is proper syntax. Not surrounding tag attributes we assign in quotes or closing the entire tag line that’s been opened is malformed syntax:

Malformed, not correct:
<img src=example.jpg>
<img src="example.jpg"></img>

This is an open tag:
the less-than or right caret character I’ve placed here after the semi-colon: <
says open to an HTTP engine that’s generating HTML code.
> closes the open tag.

Tags can have multiple properties, anchors, and attributes inside the open tag:
<tag value="example" alt="exampleText">
In the example above value= and alt= are other anchors, properties, or attributes. The above is just an example. That code won’t do anything.

</tag> closes the tag line.

What JeremyLT is trying to share here is that you didn’t properly close the open tag, you closed the line but whoops’d closing the open tag.

You forgot the left caret/greater-than character > after style="color:red;
The tag should look like:
<h2 style="color:red;"> then the text CatPhotoApp then the tag that closes the header 2 LINE </h2>

I agree we should not share answers to the courses this site is overwhelmingly generous to share in the course challenges. I’ve gone through the basic HTML challenge and didn’t see that it explained this so I don’t think trying to explain it is cheating. We’re not learning if we’re cheating, copy/pasting all the time from finding the answer or having it given to us.

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