Not Recognizing Strict Equality Symbol

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It won’t recognize the strict equality symbol, It can recognize when it’s not there and this is the only error. Thanks in advance

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// Setup
function testStrict(val) {
  if ((val) === 7) { // Change this line
    return "Equal";
  return "Not Equal";


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Basic JavaScript - Comparison with the Strict Equality Operator

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Hey @wenyunt
Remove the brackets enclosing the variable “val”

Good work so far


Thanks! Don’t really get why this works but if it works then don’t question it.

It’s really a bug in the tests. Putting val in parens like you did doesn’t do anything and the code “should have” passed. But you absolutely do not need to put val in parens, and in the real world, no professional would put val in parens here, and thus the tests weren’t expecting val to be in parens and got confused and wouldn’t let you pass.

Moral of the story, only use parens when absolutely necessary if you want to make the tests happy :slight_smile: