Not satisfied with my portfolio! Feedback needed

Hello Guys… I’ve been working on my personal portfolio project for the last few days. I tried to make it simple and as responsive as I can (Don’t know a lot about responsive design). However, I am not satisfied with the final look and I was hoping to do better… Especially when I compare it to other projects!
Do you recommend any changes? What resources (books or videos) can I look at to be better at Responsive Web design (or development idk).
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Dana.

I think if you list-style:none on the ul for your projects, you will have yourself an awesome site.

Hope that helps.

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It isn’t bad at all. The color scheme is pretty nice.

As far as responsiveness goes everything fits in the screen so that’s a big hurdle out of the way. You seem to know how to use @media so that’s good. The next step is to realize that you can change practically any CSS rule with those media rules. For example, changing the border, changing the layout, or replacing an element altogether by hiding it then displaying a new element.

The about section slips out of alignment at a very specific width size (around 975px) but that’s easily fixed.

You might also want to expand your Contact section. Remember that in larger websites the Contact section tends to be a whole page of its own, meant to stand out, and not just something included of necessity.

All in all you’re off to a good start. You can always go back later and redesign your portfolio after you’ve learned from the other projects.

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Thank you so much! That got rid of the annoying dots beside the placeholder :slight_smile: I appreciate your words and kindness!

Thank you so much for your motivating words and tips :slight_smile: I will definitely learn more about @media (because I saw it in the code of another website and decided to use it lol). I will also be adding more features like you said (especially the contact section) when I learn a little more.
Again, Thank you for the kind reply!

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