Not sure about my level?

Hi I have been programming with python for three months or more and I think I know a lot of things but I’m not sure about my programming level. How can I know my level or if I am a begginer?

Well, If you are just specifically talking about Python, I am just following what you said that you know a lot about python, than that means your an advanced user in Python. But if you’re talking about programming in general, it quite depends on how well you can use other languages, and it also depends on how your code structuring is. It’s like me, I’m good at HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but not in Python or Java or any other programming language. That means I’m an advanced user in the Web Design field, but I’m a beginner in the programming field, because I only know JavaScript.

With 3 months experience, I’d say you are a beginner at programming. There is nothing wrong with being a beginner; we all have to start at the beginning.

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I would say that if you have to ask, then you are a beginner. It means that you haven’t worked with a lot of other coders at similar levels, and you don’t know where you fit in the larger programming world.

There is nothing wrong with that. 3 months in, that is where you should be. Just keep learning and you’ll get there.


HackerRank is a good resource to gauge where you’re at

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Things like that are a great way to test your algorithm sills, but there are a lot of things to being a successful dev that sites like that can’t test. Someone can know their language inside and out and know how to apply them to toy algorithm problems, but know nothing about the larger language environment and how it applies to all the layers of the architecture. There are so many other things - testing (unit, integration, e2e), security, API integration, full-stack development, project management, code life-cycle, the forest of libraries used with your stack, UI/UX, etc.

I don’t want to discourage the OP - some of that stuff you learn by struggling on your first job. But I just want to get away from the idea that your level is defined by how well you can apply your language to toy algorithms. Unfortunately those are really easy to test so they get a disproportionate weight. And I’m certainly not saying not to work on them. Just be aware that that is a sliver of a much larger world.

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