Not sure how to access .env file within a app

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I’ve been attempting this challenge but made 0 progress as I have no idea how to edit the process.env file to store the variable it wants me to. I don’t see it on the left hand side as a file I can access to write it manually, and I also don’t know if i have to use some sort of app.METHOD to write to it within myApp.js. Even if i randomly tried things and eventually did the right thing, i’d have zero clue because the second part of this problem I’m equally lost on (but figured id go one problem at a time).

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Challenge: Use the .env File

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Not sure what your course guidelines are telling you to do but you could try going to the “Shell” tab then create the env file with the command:

touch .env
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Yeah the course seems to not really specify to make the file, that makes a lot of sense thank you