Not sure what I am doing wrong JS-step 43. See my error message

Hi @chiomanwosuenyinnaya

You need to add some text to button 2 and button 3.

Thank you for your response but There is text inside my button2 and button3. see a screenshot below

You need to update all 3 buttons within the function you’re currently working on.
In general, you’re only working on code within the editable region of code, so assume everything it tells you to do needs to happen within that window.

Thank you so much, you’re the absolute best. Just fixed it.

I’m glad you managed to get through it!
Happy coding.

Glad you fixed it.
I get the solution right but the “Check your Code” button does not return anything.
Has this happen to any one?
Tried to reload, go back some lessons. When i get here i get stuck, neither error or green message :frowning:
I´m workin on my laptop, win 10 pro.

update: i had the last } in the script.js missing :yum: the program got stuck…the console log helped…i think i´m getting better at this.