Not sure what I'm missing or adding to the eq

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  <h2>Cat Photos</h2>
  <p>Click here to view more cat photos.</p>
   <!--> TODO :Add link to cat photos. <--
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Challenge: Step 4

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Is that how you close a comment?

I am lost on why it won’t let me run the program; I tried to put the close command but it didn’t accept it at that time so I’m not sure at this point.

 <!--> TODO :Add link to cat photos. <--

Looking more closely, you have some other issues. Always read instructions closely:



is not a proper opening comment tag. I mean, it is, but that last character shouldn’t be in there.



is not a proper closing comment tag: you have a character that shouldn’t be there at the beginning and you lack the character that is supposed to be at the end.


TODO :Add link to cat photos.

is not the comment you were asked to create. The space is on the wrong side of the colon (:) and the period (.) shouldn’t be there - if you look closely at the instructions, it is part of the sentence, not the comment text.

Computers are very picky. Part of being a good developer is paying close attention to fine details. Computers aren’t very good at, “well, I guess it’s close enough…”

Give it another try. If you get stuck again, post the new code and we’ll help.

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