Not sure where to fix my error

Hi, I’m completing this challenge and I can’t pass the test. Everything seems working and I have also used an HTML checker to fix some mistakes but it still went wrong. Can someone help me to fix this, please!!!

add this part to your code

  <script src=""></script>

run test then
hit the test button

Thank you! Turn out I was blocking my cookie therefore the ‘test box’ couldn’t appeared.
And this is the result.

Hey! So I looked your page over, the design is nice and clean, but I noticed a couple things.

  • Your HTML has the <!DOCTYPE html> , <html>, <body> and <head> tags, but you don’t need those as codepen adds them in the backend. If you notice, their closing tags are all highlighted red as an error and it is because it reads as a second tag.

  • If you change your <head> to <header> that should resolve that while keeping it clean. If you open the settings in the top left of the HTML you will see that <head> section there. You can also add stuff like the FCC Project Tester there.

  • For the other tags you can just not have them and still if you use CSS on them, it will react the same.

  • This is more aesthetic, but I would add a little padding to your quote box. It’s so tight on the text that the italicized font when on the right will touch the side of the box.

  • Your link at the bottom is not centered and displays partially outside of the border you created to the left.

Overall it is really good. Keep at it!

Thank you for the advice (& time to note it down clearly for me). I’ve passed the test and ongoing the next!