Not understanding

(I know Java Script so I’m going to start with I know how to program) my problem is I spend 2h on one (algo) but after I finish it I don’t know how I answered it I don’t even understand what I did so I know the functions I’m using I know the statements I should be using my problem is I brake it down what I need to do step by step and when I look at the hints I don’t understand the lingo so I need help with simple Vocabulary to help me have a better gras…yes I have read books dont many websites so please if you think hackerrank is going to help or other sites like that they don’t they are expecting me to know every thing already I need dumb people break downs and to put it in simple tern if I google a bunch of Japanese Text into google so i can translate it to english 100% of the time google is wrong so I am asking for the human help as in help me as if I don’t speak the language you do

Welcome to the forum!

I am not seeing a question in your post. If you have a specific question about an algorithm or are stuck on a particular challenge, then make sure to tell us what the challenge is or what problem you are trying to solve along with posting any code you have so far. You can also post a Codepen link or JSFiddle or other external site which may hold you code.

We will try to help you the best we can, but since we do not know what level you are at or what problem you are specifically having trouble with, it is difficult to help.


If I understand correctly, English is not your first language. You know at least Basic level JavaScript, but you need help understanding what the actual steps to accomplish the assignments are.

If this is true, then you may want to look at the freeCodeCamp Let’s Pair Chat Room. Here is the link: .

Campers from all over the world visit that room, and you may be able to find someone who can help.You can also see if there are chat rooms where the Campers speak your language. I know there is Espanol, and I think there used to be Chinese.

Check those rooms and let me know how it works out for you.

That’s great stream of consciousness writing - nothing wrong with that. Just keep in mind that in programming there is a need for punctuation, especially semi-colons :wink: If you have a question let us know. We try to be helpful on this forum. Cheers

The Spanish one is here, and the Chinese one is also still around.

I’m assuming from the username that OP isn’t Chinese, but there’s actually an entire Chinese (zh-cn) fCC fork. I don’t know of forks for any other languages/locales, though.

Thank you. Hopefully we sent him in the right direction.