Note Taking for future revision

Does anyone here take notes on the lessons? If yes, could you please share in what way do you take notes? I feel like having things written down in a place will help me revise it in my free time and I’ll be able to remember it later on. Any advise is appreciated, thankyou!

I take copious notes, the old-fashioned way (i.e. in a word document). It’s not an approach favoured by many, but it works for me.

Importantly, I make notes which I understand fully and which also contain links to other resources such as official documentation or useful explainer articles. This means that, when I refer back to them, I have a clear understanding of what I have written.

I frequently refer back to my notes if I feel I can’t remember something and will often update my notes with further information or insights as I gain better knowledge of a subject.

This is just one of many different learning techniques I use.

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Thankyou that helps a lot. Would you mind sharing what other learning techniques you use? I would also be grateful to take a look at your notes just to get an idea on how to get started, that is if you don’t mind. Thankyou!

The most obvious and arguably most important learning technique in coding is just to code, code, code. You learn more by doing than anything else. You learn by trying stuff out, experimenting, getting things wrong and learning new ways of doing things.

Reading and researching is also key. Looking at official documentation, online resources, interactive tutorials, YouTube vids etc etc.

Also, ask questions. If you’re struggling to get your head around a particular topic, post on the forum and ask people if they can help explain it better to you.

Here’s a (heavily redacted) copy of the notes which I took for the first Javascript course. (Many solutions and examples are redacted as otherwise I’d just be giving away all of the answers for the course. The unredacted version is 97pp!):


I didn’t even know where to start and what to write down, your notes are extremely helpful, thankyou!

I can’t vouch for their accuracy, as they’re just notes made as I learned, and I often make corrections when I discover mistakes or misconceptions. I just show them as an example of how I take notes to help me learn.

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That’s all I needed, a structured format to work with. This is perfect for my reference on how I can create my own notes, really appreciate you sharing them, thankyou.

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