Nothing personal

First project browser… give feedback on color choice plz .Read content if u are intrested in Imran Khan history and current

Hi, having the skills to craft web pages means having a powerful tool to communicate, yours is the freedom to choose the content of your web pages to be shared with the internet. Anyway I’m a bit confused, you put so much emphasis on the content that I don’t know anymore if you are asking me to give you my personal feedback on the conflictual relationship between Pakistan and India or if you want my advice on how to improve your webpage…

Your webpage is very basic. Jazz up it a lil bit, use high resolution images and different color schematic.
keep alignment proper and make sure every word must be clearly and easily visible. Coming to content you have expressed your feeling pretty well. (lekin kashmir hamara hai)

Thanks for feedback n guiding ,i told u n mentioned read contet if u want cuz i didnt knew what to write n on what topic i just completed my user stories n sry if it hurted ur feelings i didnt mean that i can remove my link n will try to improve.

I suggest just giving feedback on the code and not the content.