Notifier App needed for FCC/Gitter/Github

Just thinking out loud here. Yesterday I published an npm package and have gotten some good feedback on it so far, it’s had a pull request submitted and accepted.

In addition i’ve got my regular coding adventures. I have spent several hours this am checking my coding sites in rotation to look for any tips usggestions or issues… this forum & the thread I made, gitter chatrooms, my github to look for issues and the npm site to see if downloads are reported (I don’t think any comments get reported there). In addition I tweeted and facebooked it, so I’m checking those too!

We need an app that collects and delivers all of these updates in one place (maybe not all my facebook updates…) does that exist?

That would certainly be nice! I don’t think something like that exists, though. So if you have some spare time :wink: