[NOVICE] Common to copy from Bootstrap?

Hi all,

Complete beginner here. I’ve just finished my tribute page and I’m working on my personal portfolio webpage now. The jump from the tribute page challenge to the portfolio page challenge, to me, seems immense.

Is it common to copy code from bootstrap and tinker with it? For example if I wanted to get a nav bar, bootstrap has a component for that. Is the best way to learn to break down the bootstrap code and see how it works?

Any other advice?

Thanks guys!

That is how I learned Bootstrap. I read the docs, I copied the nav bar (or what ever component I wanted to learn more about) and played around with it, I then tweaked it to for my use. Maybe try to type out just the parts you need. Which ever helps you get a better understanding of how it all works.

yeah even though its good to know how to make a navbar on your own, bootstrap is immensely useful and time saving.Ever since I started using Bootstrap I dont use anything else.

Yes, by all means! Copy the example code provided in the documentation and play around with it. That is what it was meant for.

Yes, but be sure to type it all yourself, you’ll learn way more than just copy/paste.

Thanks everyone!

I’ve been doing so for the past 2 hours and have been finding it very useful. Kind of fun to decode what each piece of code does, I’m sure it will all get very complex very fast.

As for software… should I be downloading anything? I’m following the map provided by FCC step by step so I haven’t had to download any software yet. I guess I’m still a bit fuzzy on how everything comes together (HTML, CSS, jQuery, java script).