NPM how-to-npm tutorial and 3 Start a Project won't work

I am working through the how-to-npm tutorial and have done everything as required (but I’m doing it on my desktop, not the AWS cloud). I made my project directory desktop/MEAN/fcc_npm and set up my package.json file in the fcc_npm directory. But when I enter ‘how-to-npm verify’ I get the message: “Looks like you are not ready for this one yet! Go back to the ‘o1 Dev Environment’ lesson to set up your working directory. No package.json found. Please run ‘npm init’ in your working directory”.

I can’t get past this step!

Are you in the working directory?
cd desktop/MEAN/fcc_npm
npm init
how-to-npm verify

Yes I was in the working directory each time I tested, and yes, the json file is there. But for some reason, the tutorial is not picking up on that.