Npm install error message - can someone translate?

Hello, I almost always get a message like this after installing something new on computer:
Found 311 vulnerabilities etc etc
run "npm audit fix" to fix them

I always do run that command but usually nothing get fixed. Because most of the time the vulnerabilities are rated “low”, I just move on with my work.

But this time 7 of the vulnerabilities were rated high. The “npm audit fix” command did not fix anything:
fixed 0 of 311 vulnerabilities etc etc

My questions are: should I be worried? If so, what should I do about it?

Thank you.

If it’s just personal projects on your machine, I wouldn’t worry about it. Those vulnerabilities can’t be exploited if no one else can connect anyway. If it’s a public-facing server, definitely investigate and determine if they apply to your situation.

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And if you decide to update, read the changelog instead of blindly updating.