NPM package for creating timers (think pomodoro timer)

Hey Guys and Gals,

I created an NPM library a while ago that I thought I’d share it with you.

It’s a library for creating timers; I made it whilst working on the Pomodoro Project as I was having a hard time managing the view code and the logic involved with calculating the time. I decided to abstract the timer part out into it’s own function and eventually developed it into an NPM package.

I also had a few ideas for separate projects (that I’m still working on :blush:) that involved timers with specifically formatted outputs and there wasn’t really an existing package that did what I wanted at the time, hence the motivation to create this.

I’ve iterated and updated it for quite a bit now and I’m happy with how it’s turned out; it’s probably the one project I’ve spend the most time on.

Anyways, let me know what you think and by all means send a pull request / create an issue if you want to add / improve / fix something.


Really cool! :thumbsup:

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Wow congratulations! Is it a coincidence that I published last night or did mine inspire you? I’ll definitely check it out. NM just checked it out and you first published about a month ago. Good job

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Cheers dude :grin:.

I actually published it march 2016 :blush:, I did intend to share it with the community then but I kinda just forgot (also I’m not sure the forum was around then); your post reminded me that I should probably to share it :slight_smile:

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Nice work. I’m going to try to abstract more of my useful code.

By the way I’m a female (but you can still call me dude). I use the same screenname on FCC, Gitter and Github all of which have my real name (Suzanne).

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Thanks Suzanne :slight_smile:.

Sorry for the gender assumption, one of my mates goes by bear online so my brain made an unconscious connection :grin:

AdventureBear is my tiny stuffed traveling companion from 20 years ago. He’s a little tattered.

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I don’t quite understand how to install it to a live website. Is there any way someone can link me to a simple instruction

Hi @njanne19

You can include it in a script tag, like you might with jQuery, with the following link: It then exposes Timr as a global variable, like jQuery exposes $.

Usage instructions are here:

The installation instructions are here: if you want to install it with npm or bower.

If you have any questions let me know :grin:

Thanks! @joesmith100

I look forward to using your work in my future projects

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