Npm warn deprecated

I have installed create-react-app quick tool and it is working fine .
but I can not install sass or react-router-dom
npm gives me this message .
npm WARN deprecated left-pad@1.3.0: use String.prototype.padStart()
I update node js to latest version that is recommended but the problem still .

Hello mustaphason,

Generally, when you see a warning from npm, have a look at the documents page: npmjs

Specifically, for your case, one (or more) of the packages you are using is a dependency of the npm package left-pad. left-pad has deprecated, and, as such, the packages that depend on it get the warning flagged when you install them, because they rely (partially or completely) on a deprecated package.

See here: Left-Pad

Often, you can continue using the frameworks, even if one of their dependencies is deprecated, but there is a chance your app will be deprecated itself, over time, and stop being compatible.

I hope this clarifies what is going on.

Thanks, so how to solve it ,even bootstrap I can 't use . do I should upgrade something .

It’s a warning, just ignore it. The warning is not something that should prevent an installation: it’s a warning, not an error

No worries, we all know nothing will happen to left-pad :roll_eyes: