Number and Date Facts Project Feedback

Hey guys,

I made this project to learn about ajax and apis.

I would really appreciate if you could provide a feedback for the project.
Both positive and negative feedbacks are most welcome.


Looks fantastic, I really like the color scheme. When I was playing with the date facts module I found out you can enter a number outside the range of 1-12 for the month and outside the range of however many days in the given month:

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Hey @saclark12000,
Thanks a ton for the review. I really appreciate it.
I have tried to make input better as per your feedback.
You can check it now.

Thanks again.

I see that you limited things so that the user can enter a number up to 99 on both of these inputs, so a user can still do this:

If you decide to fix it, keep in mind that some months don’t have 31 days: