Number of certificates: how many?

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This is my second topic.
And the second stupid question :slight_smile:
Tell me please what is the minimum number of certificates for the FCC should I have to theoretically be able to earn the first $ 10 in freelancing?
This is a theoretical question.
But “certificate” or “certificates” === “knowledge”. Almost :100:% of knowledge.
I mean getting certificates honestly, without cheating.

I simply want to understand… :slight_smile:
By the way for now I am just right here: my advance :slight_smile:

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If you’re considering freelancing, I would browse the available contracts on freelancing services and see if you think that you could accomplish the tasks in a timely and professional way.


I don’t believe this is very true, I believe knowledge === knowledge, or at least experience === knowledge. This all really depends on the certifications themselves. You could get the html design certificates, and then try to apply got front-end framework related full stack freelance jobs. In this case you would probably be lacking tons of experience, even if you have 1 cert.

Certifications are just pieces of paper saying you did X. Nothing more nothing less. You can probably get some job out there from someone freelancing with or without certs. Getting a cert doesn’t magically make you “freelancable”, it might make you slightly more marketable, but so or direct experience at the job at hand, or just good marketing skills in general.

So don’t get hung up on the gamification rewards of FCC, the real value is in the content, projects, and experience. If you grind your way through FCC and get certs honestly, you automatically gain experience which is the most important thing, not the cert at the end.


From what I experienced, you really only need to know basic HTML and CSS to get the low-end jobs on most freelancing sites.

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Thank you! You would not browse! :slight_smile: I can do it for myself :slight_smile:

I meant that if I was you I would browse. :smiley:


bradtaniguchi , you are right!!! :slight_smile:
Thank you!
Maybe I am wrong because of my Englsh … I try again… :slight_smile:

I wanted to know the theoretical relationship between “certificates” and “work.” For example:
1st certificate === work $ 0 - $ 10
2nd certificate === work $ 10- $ 20
3rd certificate === work $ 30- $ 40

and so on… :slight_smile:
I understand that the main thing is knowledge and experience … And I understand that this is all VERY RESPONSIBLE …

I will give another example to make my thought transparent:
Many years ago I studied karate-do.
There are belts in karate.
Karate Belts === FCC certificates.
A similar question: what is the minimum color of the belt you need to get (honestly and without cheating), to have the right to train beginners?
This is not an unequivocal answer, but in my case it was a red belt.

I just want to understand the hierarchy and the “depth” of certificates for the FCC the same as in karate-do:)

I continue to feel like a fool , but I hope to get an answer and clarify the situation.

Sorry… I misunderstand… I will improve my English !
I am glad that you will not browse and search … I will but not you :)))))))))))))))))))

To be honest, the certificates alone don’t have any value - the projects you do at the end of each curriculum is what matter, and with those you can showcase what you can do.

It is not possible to do the comparison you are doing, also because belts are a linear progression, learning to code is too branched to do a similar comparison.