Number of individual lessons per section?

I’m trying to decide on a minimum number of lessons to do per day and was wondering if anyone out there knows how many lessons there are per section so I don’t have to go through and count them all. Thanks in advance!

do as many as you feel comfortable with. Keep in mind it is not about just doing the lessons. For each topic covered you should search for videos and articles covering those lessons. Think of FCC as homework provided but lectures and class materials need to be sought out. You’ll get a much deeper understanding this way. Racing through the lessons will just leave you staring at a code editor unsure of what to do next.

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@ChrisCline1138 makes excellent points.

I would add that not all lessons are created equal. Some are a lot more demanding than others. On top of that, every student is different and we will find some lessons totally intuitive and then anther will make you feel like you know nothing about anything. Be patient with yourself. Think of it like exercising. It’s not about lifting the right weight or running the right number of miles. It’s about pushing yourself wiithout breaking.

Why don’t you set yourself a minimum daily time? Like minimum half an hour per day?
In this way if you get stuck there is no anxiety to finish it as soon as possible or you can’t get your daily number of challenges , instead you can use your daily allotted time to apply the Read-Search-Ask method in searching for a solution