Numbered challenges

I feel as if it would be easiest if challenges were labeled by number w/ the title.

I could just say ES6 --> #18 whenever i reference something in a forum post or reply instead of going through and adding links as often. This is since the titles are pretty long, and this can be easy if someone doesn’t put links in there post.

Just a idea, wanted to see what you guys would think.

Personally I think it’s better to link them so I can seamlessly move from this post to the referenced lesson without having to search for anything.

I felt as if it is a safe guard just incase they don’t link and just say there on ES6 #18. This is because scrolling through tons of challenge names until you find the correct one instead of just looking for #18.

To avoid users having to remember challenge names and copy/paste links to challenges, each challenge has an Ask for help button which links to the applicable challenge and posts all the relevant information (challenge name, challenge url, user’s current code) needed for a fellow camper to review and give a response.

If challenge #s were added and it was decided at some point to change the order of the challenges, then older posts would be referencing the wrong challenge #.

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In addition to what @RandellDawson said, even without the challenges being numbered people come here asking for help with them by number. If someone says “I don’t understand Finding a Remainder in JavaScript” I know what challenge they’re working on. When they say “I don’t understand JavaScript lesson #12” I ignore them. There is no damn way I’m going to use a decoder ring every time someone asks a question.

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