Numbering the Curriculum coding lessons

Hi FFC staff,

I believe it would be a great addition to start numbering the coding lessons in the curriculum. The reason I think this would be useful is for future reference. When I’m taking notes, it would be convenient to mark a particular lesson that I found very useful or interesting and be able to go back to it in the future without having to look through all the lesson names. Just a thought.

Thank you for the great work you are doing,

Numbering them has its own problems: what if a new challenge is added, or one is deleted or moved? Since challenges don’t get casually renamed, a plain old bookmark in your browser is probably the best way to keep track of interesting lessons you want to go back to.

Keep in mind that FCC doesn’t store your solutions either, so you’ll want to download your code (after solving) or copy/paste it into an editor (works any time) if you want to back up your solution.

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