Nutrition Label Step 26. website wont recognise correct solution

hello, im doing step 26 of the nutrition label tutorial. it wants me to create a div with class divider 1g. its simple but it keeps telling me its wrong. heres a snip…

It really helps if you post your code and a link to the challenge. Thanks

It looks like you are using a 1 instead of a l, but its hard to tell from the picture.

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dude i thought it was a “1”. :upside_down_face: thank you

I had the same issue. It’s not the first time either. Is there a chance of getting a different font, or cap, or something? It seems a bit ridiculous to lose 20-30min because of it. If it were out in the world, I would know what I put there. That’s the important part, me knowing my class values. Failing repeatedly because I cant discern the difference between someone’s L that looks exactly like a one is ridiculous.

If you try to say its part of the industry. Well so is discovering it, pointing out the failure rate, and suggesting a fix. Please and thank you.

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