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Good Afternoon,

I’ve managed to build a survey as the challenge instructions and user stories mentioned. Hopefully I’m on the right track to complete this challenge with full marks. Please use this link to view what I’ve done https://codepen.io/owainbennett10/pen/vYNJmya can I please have some feedback of what I’ve done for my development and my coding skills.


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Challenge: Build a Survey Form

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There’s no original work here @OwainBennett. I did a diff on your page and the sample page…the code is exactly the same.

You are tasked with making a form that looks like the sample page but it doesn’t have to look exactly like it. It can, and should, have your own content.
Cutting and pasting full HTML and CSS it not the way to go about it.

From your feedback I have styled my own version of a contact form. Can I please have some feedback on my code and how I can improve what I’ve done. I would like to like the text in the boxes from the placeholder code to be black I’m struggling yo do that can you please help me with that.

I hope you can give me some feedback how I can improve.

Thank you

Sorry forgot to add this is what I’ve done so far https://codepen.io/owainbennett10/pen/vYNJmya

Hi I have corrected all the errors , can you please take a look at what I’ve done at let m e know what you think let me know if you would change something to improve what I’ve done. Please use this link to what I’ve been able to create https://codepen.io/owainbennett10/pen/vYNJmya