Object format is causing issues

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It looks like it’s not passing test because the format of the object is not the format of the solution object, But I can not find out why this only returns the “title” as an unquoted key. The stringified object of the default code, in console.log is correct, but on test run, the object keys and values are not the correct string format? What am I missing?

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var ratings = watchList.map(item => { 
    let title = item.Title
    let rating = item.Rated
    let newobj = {
      "title" : title,
      "rating" : rating,
  return newobj

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Challenge: Use the map Method to Extract Data from an Array

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hey @nelliesnoodles,

you should be accessing imdbRating but you are accessing Rated instead.

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Ohhhhh… I’ll try that

That was it… I knew I was missing something. I never looked at the solution rating value, just assumed there was only one rating in the obj. Thank you!!

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