Object method is not responding

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It seems right but doesn’t work!

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let dog = {
name: "Spot",
numLegs: 4,
sayLegs: function() {
return "This dog has" + dog.numLegs + "legs.";

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Challenge: Create a Method on an Object

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I suggest you tru to put this in a console.log like this:

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The problem is that you’re trying to use dog.numLegs before dog actually exists (it only exists after the whole let dog = ... line). I think you need to use this.numLegs (where this refers to the object, before it’s assigned to dog).

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I’ve tried that too my friend.

I found out the problem , you should have gaps on either side of “4” when it’s returned.
However thanks for your reply dude.

Bah! I should have run the code before replying.