Object Oriented Design

– Customers can subscribe to an insurance when buying a pet. The insurance allow them to return the pet during 3 months. They would get 80% cash back (excluding the price of the insurance).
– The owner would like the system to give him a list of pets that should be in the showroom. Pets that have an option on them don’t need to be shown to customers.

oop means creating objects for everything and creating methods on those objects that do things

try applying Read-Search-Ask
after you do your research, if you don’t understand something or don’t understand why something you have written doesn’t work we will be happy to help

I tried it here, but unfortunately i cant complete it.

please ask your questions - what specific parts have you issues with, what you do not understand, etc

I can’t understand how can i design this DOMAIN (domain layer) according to object oriented manner.

From the repo, it looks like the domain objects are already defined – you just need to write the implementations. It also looks nothing like a beginner project, being designed with quite a bit of abstraction and all. Where did you pick this project up?

On another note, I’m not sure why the folders are named with a dot, but I don’t know if that actually works in C#. You need to nest folders, i.e. “PS/Model” rather than “PS.Model”. Someone more experienced with C# should probably correct me if I’m wrong here…

Can you please design it according to you using any language. Actually, i can’t confirm that i did it correct.

I’m sorry, but I’m only willing to work with you, not for you, and that means I need to see that you’ve attempted something. Honestly, it doesn’t look to me like you’re familiar enough with the concepts of Object-Oriented Programming to begin solving this particular problem you’re facing. I recommend starting with a few tutorials; since you’re working with C#, you’d best know that language, so I would start here:

More or less I am familiar with the concepts of Object-Oriented Programming. I am trying to solve varieties problem using OOP manner for practice.

I checked your shared youtube video. This is a basic level tutorial for beginners, who try to learn C# with some OOP concept. Actually, it can’t help me to learn, designing problem with OOP.

Note: I added my attempted with problem description, using github link.