Object Oriented Programming - Add Methods After Inheritance

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Please, I do not know why my code is not passing the test. it keeps telling me: beagle.eat() should log the string “nom nom nom”
beagle.bark() should log the string “Woof!”

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function Animal() { }
Animal.prototype.eat = function () { console.log("nom nom nom"); };

function Dog() { }

// Only change code below this line
Dog.prototype = Object.create(Animal.prototype);
Dog.prototype.constructor = Dog;

Dog.prototype.bark = function () {

// Only change code above this line

let beagle = new Dog();

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Challenge: Object Oriented Programming - Add Methods After Inheritance

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Thank you, but I have done that several times… i even did it right now and it isn’t working

I changed my browser from Firefox to Chrome and it passed. Thank you so much!!!

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