Object Oriented Programming: Extend Constructors to Receive Arguments

once again i need your help on this: https://learn.freecodecamp.org/javascript-algorithms-and-data-structures/object-oriented-programming/extend-constructors-to-receive-arguments

function Dog() {
  this.name = "bingo";
  this.color = "yellow";
  this.numLegs = 4;

let terrier = new Dog("name", "color");

// my code so far

What kind of help do you need?

I couldn’t pass the challenge with my code…

In your code you passed two arguments in the following line to Dog, but your Dog function does not have any parameters to “capture” those values passed. Plus, you are hard coding values for this.name and this.color, so no matter what values you pass into Dog, your dog’s name will always be “bingo” and it’s color will be “yellow”. You are supposed to be assigning the values passed into the function to the applicable properties.