Object Oriented Programming: Use an IIFE to Create a Module - How do I console.log this properly?

I want to see return true in the console.log but i can’t figure out the way to access it.

let funModule = (function () {
return {
isCuteMixin: function (obj) {
obj.isCute = function() {
return true
singMixin: function(obj) {
obj.sing = function() {
console.log(“Singing to an awesome tune”);
}) ();

I Tried:

console.log(funModule.isCuteMixin(isCute)); // it doesn’t return anything… tried all of the different things

Hi @M-TorresDeveloper,

Try with this:

let cat = {name:'cat'}; //obj
console.log(cat.isCute()); //obj.isCute()