Object Oriented Programming - Use Inheritance So You Don't Repeat Yourself

THE TASK The eat method is repeated in both Cat and Bear. Edit the code in the spirit of DRY by moving the eat method to the Animal supertype.

How does the cat and bear objects inherit the animal properties here? I dont understand.

function Cat(name) {
  this.name = name;

Cat.prototype = {
  constructor: Cat,

function Bear(name) {
  this.name = name;

Bear.prototype = {
  constructor: Bear,

function Animal() { }

Animal.prototype = {
  constructor: Animal,
  eat: function() {
    console.log("nom nom nom");

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Challenge: Object Oriented Programming - Use Inheritance So You Don’t Repeat Yourself

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Yeah, I don’t see it either. I don’t think it’s worded well. I’m assuming that they will inherit it when the code is changed in a future lesson.

Yea very next challenge lmfao! Doh

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