Object oriented programming

hello guys, i am a student and now i have an oop course in c++. Should i know something in c++ before starting this course? i am a beginner and sorry for my bad english

If you’re talking about Free Code Camp, there is no expectation that students have any prior experience with programming. If you’re talking about your OOP class, then that depends on the class. The course description should tell you the prerequisites.

This is a free book (creative commons license) to help you get started on C++. It was recommended reading for my second computer science course in university:

No, not at all, C++ isn’t required for FCC in any way.

Note that if you do your course and also do some JavaScript via FCC, it’ll seem like a good idea to straight up translate over ideas from your C++ OO class to JavaScript. What is good practice in C++ is very often bad practice in JS. They’re both OO languages, but the form of OO they use is very different. If you write JS like you would write C++ you may well be in for a bad time, so be careful.

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