Objects for lookups

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please someone should help me on this
i am stuck

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// Setup
function phoneticLookup(val) {
var result = "";

// Only change code below this line

var lookup = {
   "alpha": "Adams",
   "bravo": "Boston",
   "charlie": "Chicago",
   "delta": "Denver",
   "echo": "Easy",
   "foxtrot": "Frank",
   "" :


// Only change code above this line
return result;


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Challenge: Using Objects for Lookups

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First, you’ll have to remove this line, because it’ll break your code.

   "" :

Then take a closer look how your function work. At the beginning you create a variable:

var result = "";

And at the end you return it.

return result;

But in between nothing is happening to this variable, so every time you call this function it will return an empty string.

For the function call:


The function parameter val will contain the string “charlie”. Now you can use the parameter (which is just a variable) to do a lookup on the object lookup[val]. Remember to return the value.

Example without a function (the variable userName is like the val parameter).

const user = {
  charlie: 'Sheen'

const userName = 'charlie';

user[userName] // 'Sheen'