Odd debugging behaviour in time_calculator.py?

Here’s my time_calculator;


works perfectly in pycharm, but it seems that the test_module gave different results, so I tried replit’s debugger, but as soon as it passed to main and then to test_module, I never saw my code again while test_module ran. Is there a way to fix that?

I changed a few things, and now the console reads ‘: python main.py 1:08 AM (next day)
Ran 12 tests in 0.009s OK’

Does that means it passed the test and I can tick this one off the list? If so, maybe make the console show a message to say as such in future? Assuming my code passed, of course! I’m getting used to the cryptic nature of the test_modules output, but it must discourage some people.

It means it passed all tests without error - so yes, you passed :wink:

This means the test suite ran and is all OK. This is pretty standard output for this test framework.

That’s good news, thanks both. Any ideas on how to see my code in debug after test_module is called? That’s the main issue really.

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