Odd Interview Assignment, a ux that doesn't use mouse or keyboard

I recently got an assignment from a job I applied to and the assignment is unlike anything I’ve seen.

A brief description of the assignment

Please design and create an interactive experience using web technologies (html, css, javascript)…
The app UX should not use a keyboard or mouse.

Are there any examples or anyone have any experience developing something that doesn’t use a keyboard or mouse for UX?

Thank you for any help

You should ask them to clarify what they mean by each of the terms

Interactive as in responding to user input, or are they really just meaning dynamic content?

Without keyboard and mouse specifically? Do they want touch controls or do they include those as special cases of keyboard and mouse?

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It’s not strange in any way, around 2/3 of visits to websites come from things that have neither mouse nor a keyboard attached, and lots of things get designed to take advantage of that.

And if you want to go crackers, build something using a-frame or similar, and get a Cardboard off Amazon and take it to the interview

Thank you very much for the replies. Is learning how to create a UX without a mouse or keyboard something that can be done within a few hours leaving me enough time to complete an entire project within a day or 2?

Since we have no idea what level of web development you are at, that would be impossible to tell you.

I’m applying for entry and junior level positions. I’m comfortable with HTML, CSS, JS, and React.

Comfortable is a relative term. What might be comfortable for me may not be comfortable for you. We don’t know what types of projects you design or how much help you may have received from others needed to complete the projects.

Unless you ask for clarification of the assignment (as suggested by @gebulmer), you are just going to have to do your best to come up with a solution which you believe fulfills the assignment and be able to argue your case that it does. That may be the entire point of this assignment in itself.

They want to test if you can work outside what you may have never had any experience doing before.

Also, you did not show then entire description and instead have shown us a brief interpretation of the description?

As DanCouper said, this could be a mobile web interface. You could think about things such as buttons and other “tappable” elements large enough for fingers, not relying on hover state for links/buttons and many more.
Check out these links on the UXMatter website

First thing that come to mind is mobile and that’s probably the obvious direction, another would be an accessiblity ux, ie speech recognition/ screen reader for the blind

There are many things it could be, but what if the actual requirement (which we might only know if the OP asks more questions) or shows us the full assignment description is it is for a non-mobile device?

My point is, I think there is there are many assumptions being made here about the requirements without knowing the full scope/description of the assignment. Just my 2 cents.

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