off-FCC Projects React Feedback

Hey everyone, nowadays I’ve been studying react, so I’ve made two off-FCC projects to teste.

I don’t know if this area is only for FCC project, BUUUUT, there’s no harm in trying.

I’ve made two projects: A clicker:

And a Chronometer:

It would be nice a feedback from you guys. :slight_smile:

Thank you and keep coding.

I don’t see why you can’t share personal projects here, I think everyone would love to see some cool stuff others are doing with their skills.

I guess this is more a matter of my curiosity, but is there a reason you built these in React as opposed to regular JS? It just seems like it would be more simple to just use JS, but hey, if your trying to learn React, more power to ya! The design looks nice too btw!

Your Chronometer has a bug. If I start the watch and then click Reset, I expect to be able to click the Start button without first having to click the Stop button.

For the Clicker, see if you can figure out a way to only have the numbers flip back to zero if they are not already zero. For example, if I click 9 times, the counter shows 0 0 0 9. If I click the reset button, only the 4th digit (the 9) needs to flip (animate) back to 0. The other digits (which should be components) do not need to flip. Also, if the display is 0 0 0 0 and I click the reset button, nothing should flip back to zero, because all the digits are already zero.

I built with react just to use what i’ve learnt :slight_smile:

Thank you for the feedback.

Thank you a lot for the bug’s report, you’re awesome. Btw, I’ve fixed those bugs and experience. Now, only the !0 change to 0. :slight_smile: