Off Topic... For new people

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To the new people in here, it gets EASY. Trust me, i can show you to moderators that get frustrated with me because of my knowledge. To all who helped…THANK YOU!

Do the cat app at least 3 times, everything else will be easier if you do it that way. I just finished the markers in 3 hrs first time thru. I broke 18 keyboards trying to understand…it will hit you and you will go … get out of my way. I am sailing thru this. READ the challenges thoroughly, that was my issue. The moderators/mentors will help all they can. but they will not just give you the answer. but all the answers are in the challenge.

Don’t be like me and break things, you will get it. go code crazy now!!!


it is the way
keep coding again and again

I agree with @diomed
instead of doing cat app 3 time you can do something different 3 times

that would be better, yes
good luck for future coding sir


I certainly wouldnt recommend doing cat app 3 times.
It’s coz it’s boring.
Instead, do some small project, but return to cat app and look how things are done, if you forgot and need to remember. when you look at it 3 or more times, you’ll remember and it’ll get imprinted in your brain for future use.


Your statement reads like you are bored with freeCodeCamp. If thats the case then move on and go be negative over there. For some people, not all, thats what it takes. For example, my situation… no coding experience at all and very very basic computer skills. The cat app helps to understand wording for the challenges as was pointed out to me by a moderator. The wording in the challenges are a challenge all in their own. Good Luck.

I think that their point is that it’s not usually recommend to repeat the same project over and over because you learn less and less from each repetition.


But you know the frustration of working with me in the beginning vs now. I just want new people to know it is an option for understanding. :v:


I’m just pointing out their point. They aren’t being negative or bored. They are sharing some pretty typical and reasonable advice. They are allowed to do that.


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